New Boyz Are Taking Over

Warner Bros newest signed group and one of the “Hottest” groups coming out if the LA area right now is the boy rap duo ” The NEW BOYZ“.  They have created some serious buzz around the Los Angeles party scene, with their hard-hitting, bass booming beats and their animated party-time lyrics. 

 The song that they are most popular for is: ” You’re a JERK” which is currently being featured on LA’s top radiostation POWER 106.  They have assisted with spreading the “JERKIN MOVEMENT” along the coast of California and even up through the east-coast and down south.

Almost anytime you tune into a new video is uploaded with someone dancing to their music.  Even recently P.Diddy’s son was on their dancing to their latest single. 

I say “definetly keep look-out for these boys,” because I have a feeling that they are more than just a teenage-heartthrob and a one hit wonder, they are here to give hip-hop the personality and sense of humor that it has been lacking for quiet some time!!!


I’ve been bitin by the TwitterBUG

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For those that aren’t already following me, “YOU SHOULD BE”!

M.A.C’s new collection Sugar Sweet


Earlier this week M.A.C introduced their new spring collection to the world “Sugar Sweet”! I am not the average make-up girl except for the basics, but the colors in this collections are soft and can easily be used for everyday wear or even dressed up for a night outting.   This line was inspired by “almost” every womans favorite temptations (other than shopping); SWEET DESSERTS.  The products have a bit more of a frost finish than the others and also has a certain whipped look to the powdered and cream products! Now that’s what I call Deliciously Stylish!!!

Visit your nearest M.A.C counter A.S.AP I see this line flying off the shelf; like all the other previous collections.

And a plus for me is they chose the face of this campaign to be a black girl, how beautiful is that???

HOOD BY AIR. Classics 2009

Coming SOON!!! They already have a “buzz” on the East Coast (especially the NY) but they are soon to be an international street wear brand, taking trends by storm. LOOK OUT 4 THEM!

Stubb’s Supra Skytop by a way of Austin, TX

SXSW (South by Southwest; Music Festival) is not the only thing thats poppin out in Texas right now.  Stubb’s BBQ, Spin Magazine, and Supra have all collabed to create a Supra Classic! The shoe comes in a wooden box with a bottle of Stubb’s BBQ sauce an apron featuring the 2009 SXSW logo!

They are only releasing 50 pairs and are being sold TODAY at SXSW! (So unfair) Which means I most likely won’t be getting a pair! BUMMER