Imma need these b4 SPRING

Air Max ’95 NEON

These are one pair of kicks that WILL NEVER EVER go out of style in my book.


My Fav Girl is back: KELIS

Yes, Kelis is finally back from her mommy/divor-cee hiatus and she comes equipped with a new long do and her newest single “Acapella” produced by David Guetta.  When I first heard it, it had me rockin, bobbin my head and tapping my feet. By the time it was on its 5th go round I was completely out of my seat jumping around my house; so need less to say I LOVE IT. It has a little bit of a different sound than usual but hey thats how a great artist sticks around. They evolve with the time. Here is her new song down below

Aww Poor Waka. . .

Check them LIPS . . .

I went back home to North Carolina for bout 3wks and came back with a new love  for this man right here [Waka Flocka Flame] and his latest single “O Lets Do it“.  He was recently shot on Jan. 19th in Fulton County but his sources say he will recover just fine. (read more) I hope so because he is definitely some new eye candy for me to look at.

Did she say she was Queen B of LA

He is goin in on her: “Where is your chin strap… Lets talk bout that perm that didnt take”

I have met this self-proclaimed “Bad Girl” one day and I must say… She does not run a Dawg on thing! As a mutual socialite of the LA entertainment circle, I must say out of all the times I have been out and about she is seldomly seen.  And when I did see her it was at a studio 1am in the morning.  Like C’MON Natalie . . .I was on team Natalie till I saw that you really do believe that you RUN LA!!! (((yea not so much)))

But on another note I do have to give her credit. She is a hustler.  She was able to get Oxygen network to give her a 4 season deal on her own show.  I am VERY curious to see what this will actually be about.  I guess she isn’t the dumb gold-digging Bad girl that we all think she is!!!

Who said white boys “Can’t Dance?”

All of us Barbie’s have a few BAD HABITS

A few of mines are . . .

  1. Swearing uncountably when upset
  2. Drinkin past my limit
  3. Excessive shoes shopping
  4. Ditching my community service
  5. Biting my nails when deep in thought

Those are just a few of mine, what are some of yours???

Ta’East – Crooks & Castles (prod. by Cairo)

Download here

Im definitely digg’n it. Will be goin on the IPOD