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Pac Div – Shut Up


Pretty cool gadget

Even though, I am not much of a smoker and do not really condone it I just might have to purchase this as a gift for my Mr. Man (much cheaper than his $6 a day habit) lol

And, I am sure it can come in handy for the green users as well!!!

Courtesy of UTBL$

New Music MONDAY

Jola – “She Say”

New Boyz ft. Tyga – Cricketz

U-N-I ft Miguel Lately (RMX)

How was your night???

Mr. Man and I we usually start w/ H.transition to A.and wake up to D.

Lady GaGa & Beyonce – Video Phone

Okay, this video is VERY VERY VERY and I do mean VERY INTERESTING! But I like.  Gaga was in her MADONNAESQUE mode, very fierce and cha-cha DIVA like. There was countless promo and ads in here too everything from Polaroid {that was 2 be expected seeing that she is 1 of the newest team members] Wonder bread, virgin mobile and etc. . .

Rate: ***** (5 stars)

My MUCH needed laugh of the night