Cavs shut down Lakers season series


YUP! I’ve been saying it for awhile now LeBron is just as good if not BETTER than Kobe Bryant.  And tonight’s game is showing proof.  LeBron with 37pts & 9 on the boards to close the game against Los Angeles. Out of the previous
9 match ups the Cavaliers has won seven of them. . . Hmm c’mon now the saying “May the best man WIN” hasn’t been around for ages for nothing.  

James was quoted saying,“It’s a huge win,” James said. “I can’t sit here and say it’s just a normal game because it’s not.”

After the the huge win, the Cavaliers’ fans were noted chanting “M-V-P” repeatedly from the stands.

This years All-Star game starting line up is out 

Eastern Conference

Position Player Games
Guard Allen Iverson 11th
Guard Dwyane Wade 6th
Forward LeBron James 6th
Forward Kevin Garnett 13th
Center Dwight Howard 4th


Western Conference

Position Player Games
Guard Steve Nash 7th
Guard Kobe Bryant 12th
Forward Carmelo Anthony 3rd
Forward Tim Duncan 12th
Center Amar’e Stoudemire 5th
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