This morning while I was on the train I came across a song that has definitely been branded as my new anthem.  “Killing U HOES”  I have always been a fan of Trina and I’ve even heard this song a few times before. But for some reason on THIS particular morning the lyrics actually stuck out to me! When I was listening to this my lil [G’BORO Southern GIRL] came out. Yes, I am still classy as ever but,

 “HEY sometimes a classy chick gotta put these HOES in CHECK”

You See Da Outfit Bitch,
(I’m Killin You Hoes)
Cute Face and Ass Swole,
(I’m Killin You Hoes)
I Got Da Best Pussy Out,
(I’m Killin You Hoes)
And Aint Nothin’ You Can Do About It
(I’m Killin You Hoes)

*1st Verse*
I don’t Care What A Bitch Think Or How I A Hoe Feel,
Cuz Aint Nan One Of You Hoes Payin My Bills,
And Aint Nan One Of You Hoes Finna Buy Me Crib,
And Aint Nan One Of You Hoes Finna Get Me A Whip
I Kno I Must Make A Lot Of Yall Hoes Sick,
All I Can Tell Is Hoe Get Use To It Bitch,
Cuz Ms. Trina Da Baddest As It Fuckin Get
And I Dont Sweat Niggas, I Dont Fight Over Dick
So While You Fuckin For Free I’m Tryin To Get Rich
And Dont U Cross Dat Line Cuz I Get Hot Quick
And If U Do Its Gon Be Me And You Up In Dis Bitch
And I’ma Show You They Call Me Da Baddest Bitch

*2nd Verse*
You See Da Outfit Bitch And You Kno What It Cost
Look How My Ass Poke Out When I Walk
Cuz Yo Nigga Wanna Fuck Me It Aint My Fault
And Da Pussy Sit Up Real Nice In My Shorts
Hate It Or Love It Cuz You Broke Hoe Dont Talk
And I Can Go In Any Club And Shut DaT Bitch Down
And I Can Come To Any City And Make It My Town

And When You See Me Hoe You Betta Smile And Dont Frown
Cuz I Gotta Couple Of My Dogs Dats Ready To Clown
And You Be Best Off Sittin Yo Tired Ass Down
And All You Jealous Ass Hoes You Betta Move Round
And Ask These Hoes In Dade How I Gets Down

*3rd Verse*
The Topic Of Discussion I Fuck Who Ever I Want
Look At Me Bitch I Got Everythang You Hoes Want
I Can Fuck A Nigga In A Bently Or A Nigga In A Dunk
You Get Yo Money In Pieces I Get Mine In A Lump
You Only Ballin On Weekends I Ball Da Whole Month
I’m Just A Hood Bitch With Suburban Cash
A Lil Fly Ass Chick Who Got A Lot Of Class
I Wanna Spend Yo Money Nigga And Put Mine In A Stash
You Got Me Fucked Up Cuz Trina Gon Have Da Last Laugh
Get To Yo Hustlin Hoe Look Like You Doin Bad
You Lost A Lot A Weight Shit You Fallin Off Fast
I Feel Sorry For You Might Let You Barrow Some Ass

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