The real “Georgia Peaches” Real Housewives of ATLANTA

On Thursday night  my Twitter timeline was quiet desilate. It wasn’t because the site was down for  routine mantinance or anything of that nature it was because everyone was doing the samething I was doing; watching the premeire of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” season 2.

My My My… and was it a PREMIERE! It seems like the women last season all were on their High-Horses and refused to let their TRUE colors show. But last night on the premiere episode and with the sneak peek of the season to come you could have  painted a mural with all of the colors they showed.

Sherree aka Diva Diva went straight “Cleveland” on her party planner with memorable quotes such as: “WHO GONE CHECK ME?“& “DON’T MAKE ME GET POOKIE & NEM” …

I probably shouldn’t be indulging in this African-American bafoonary but I must say it is 1 of my guilty pleasures… (Hey we all have em)

You can already expect me 2 be glued to the television Thursday nights, please no phone calls/txt/twitter msgs it will all have to wait!!!!

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