Surf Club “The Wood”

If you don’t know who the group “Surf-Club” is; after this song you definitely will know! It seems like these days musically everyone out of the West Coast is either a “Jerker” or a “Gang-banger”. But it is quiet refreshing to have a new genre of music added into the West Coast play Llist: “SURFIN”.

The young men of the group Surf Club; Hit-Boy, BCarr, Chilli Chill and ChaseNcashe are all very talented. They are all triple threats musically. They all produce, rap and write on a large majority of their records! They have worked alongside some of the biggest heavy hitters in the industry: Diddy, Mary J Blidge, The Game, Missy Elliot, Polow the Don and the list goes on!

The first time I heard their music I had to give them their credit! They are very versatile. They can go from the lovey, dovey rap-sing-along track “EXtraOrdinary Love” which is directed more towards their female audience and straight into their stunting in the clubesque anthem “Pelicans“. If u ever felt they weren’t capable of spitting some Hip-Hop worthy 16s, after one listen to “Pelicans” I am sure your vision will be altered!

But, the song that has me in complete “AW” of them is their newly released single “THE WOOD“. When I first heard the song I seriously had it on repeat for a good 30mins. The new genre “SURFIN” mixed with Ty$L’s (Ty & Kory) soulful voice it was an automatic BANGER! I just invision this playing in the club on a drunken night with my glass full of patron held to the sky  dancing in the middle of the floor swaying back & forth while I let the bassline and Ty’s voice soothe me and some perverted man walks up behind me and tries to make me feel his WOOD!!!! (And then VISION OVER)

Download “The Wood” Click Here”

To hear more from them visit their blog  “SURF CLUB”

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