Audio Push – Teach Me How 2 JERK

Awww… My two luvaBUGS are well on their way to being famous and sky rocketing to the TOP! They just released the final cut of their video “Teach Me how 2 JERK“! The rap duo consist of Oktane & Pricetag. I met them each on seperate occasions and within 30secs I loved them both! If you have ever met either one of them you can easily vouch for what I am saying!

I don’t wanna contribute to any “EGO EXPANSIONS” but I must say that they are VERY GOOD at what they do! They are total performers. When they put on a show they definitely put their all into it, whether it is 5 people watching or 5,000. They SHOW UP & SHOW OUT.” A lot  of people try and categorize them in the ‘Jerk” genre but I can honestly say they surpass that field with a jet pack.

They are more than just two boys from Cali in bright colored skinny jeans and animated lyrics. These young men have bars and rhymes for days and is very versatile in their craft. I dare you to try and put them in a box musically and they will swindle their way right out of  it and leave you wide eyed and surprised; by their Charisma and Consistency!

Here is just 1 of many singles to come:”Teach me how 2 JERK”

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