Soulja Boy Packin + Soulja Boy VS. New Boyz

With the assitance of a few of my followers I came across this picture on! And all I can say is “WOW”! This young buck is actually packin! He’s doin more than just “TURNIN HIS SWAG ON”

But on a different note, earlier today Soulja Boy was quoted saying:

@NewBoyz Yall niggaz just ended yall career’s early. straight up. I ain’t for all that side talk you lame ass fuck boys

Just got off the phone wit my homie @bowwow614 umma let the shit slide… but yall jerk niggaz mention my name ONE MORE TIME. Game Over.

For those that are unfamiliar with The New Boyz they are California’s own “Jerkin” artist. For those that do know them, they are known for their first single “You’re a Jerk”. That title may actually be suiting for this altercation that they are currently having with Soulja Boy tellem.

They were recently seen on World Star Hip Hop on a video that was removed shortly after posting  dissing Soulja Boy. Statements such as

“We wouldn’t do a song with Soulja Boy…He tried to Floss us”
“He doesn’t want the competition!”

It looks like Soulja Boy’s has a pretty good publicst because most of the remarks about the group that were posted were taken down, and he put out a statement that he wouldn’t be doing a diss record. Which I believe in the New Boyz favor. Because if Soulja Boy really wanted to he could kill off any chance that the New Boyz have at success in the music business.

Soulja Boy has WAY more money and WAY more fans. I think you guys are barking up the wrong tree!!!!

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