Is it too MUCH 4 u Soulja MAN???

It seems like the new trending topic on Twitter should be “NOT WHAT I EXPECTED“! A few months ago Wale went on and on about how the game aint what he expected, and how gettig signed was the easy part. Then Kid Cudi joins a few months later as well, talking about how he is going to retire and people don’t appreciate his craft. Now, last but not least Soulja Boy has jumped on the “VENTING” trail.  Last night he had a bit of a melt down before his staff when in and deleted it all! Apparetly, the stress of trying to keep up and please the MASSES has started to weigh down on our little hip-hop/pop “crank that” boy!

He said: “Thinkin about taking all my money and leaving. F*ck having a Million followers f*ck putting out music.. why…”

“My music dream was THE SH*T 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine. Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these c*****z wanna criticize a ni**a. Take REAL SH*T and turn it to trash. Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something I’m not. THESE C******S DONT KNOW WHO THE F**K I REALLY AM!!!

I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my sh*t hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media. It’s all bullsh*t. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it’s my dream? that sh*t died when crank that went #1″

There is a part of me that wants to feel sorry for him and then another part says, “IT’S APART OF THE GAME!”

Since I am on the other side of the music business I am able to see a side that the average consumer does not get to see. In the entertainment business it is full of GREED, DECEIT, and SELL-OUTS!!!  This is the part that most people don’t know and that most artist come into the game with this fairy tale perception that “everyone will love my music and I they can’t change me!” Sorry but if you want to make MILLIONS and continue to do so then you must learn to walk the FINE line between staying true to yourself (and your fan’s) and being deemed as a SELL-OUT! Sorry but the whole underground artist thing is for the birds. [Please tell me a artist that has stayed underground and is a millionare!”

Sorry Soulja but this is apart of everyone’s career! This is how the industry decides whether or not you are worth the trouble. I mean you can’t make this kind of music forever. I say hang in their don’t retire [rappers dont have a 401k plan] and ride out this ROUGH PATCH. As you can see everyone goes thru it!

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