SMH 10x “Its cool 2 be a BABY MAMA”???


OK,  I know I am not the only person that seen this MESS and thought WTF “How did they get a show?” Her talks about Tiny possible getting her own reality show awhile back but I thought “NO! That’ll never actually get to ait”! HMPH guess I don’t know everything afterall. With shows like this BET is making it a WHOLE LOT easier just change the channel.

I know everyone doesn’t think as deep as I do but BET is basically giving  young America (I mean thats all that really watches BET anymore) the idea that it is okay to be a “Baby Mama”! You can just have a baby by a walthy/famous entertainer and not have to marry him “You’ll be set”! NO THANKS sorry but I doubt this will be on my list of things to do when it airs!

And thet wonder why they can’t compete with MTV’S ratings!

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