What’s all the Fuss about???

Earlier, this week I finallly went to go see what EVERYONE has been talking about this past month; “The Hangover”. I know I’m about two weeks late on it but “OH WELL now I’m CURRENT!”

Summer’s cure 2 depression

I must say this movie was HIL-AR-IOUS!!! I was a bit apprehensive about taking my “Christian filled” mother with me but, she ended up laughing harder than I was! There were times I had to look at her like “Mom, ur EMBARRASING  me”… (Yes she was laughing that hard!)

If you are feeling slightly down or down right DEPRESSED I suggest you go see this film. It is definitely a pick upper. It may not improve your current situation but it will definitely boost your mood and help you forget your issues for the 90 mins (or so) that you are watching it!  🙂

I rate it 4.5

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