R.I.P 2 the KING of POP

Today (June 25, 2009) was a very sad day for the music industry! Our very own King of Pop was declared dead at about 2:20 this evening. Reports have said he went into cardiac arrest and had a heart attack in his Beverly Hills, CA home.

I am not one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans but I definitely do acknowledge that he is the originator of Universal POP music. He is also a HUGE influence for many past/present/future artist. You can watch a Chris B, Omarion, Ginuwine, Ne-Yo, Justin T and etc… video and easily see borrowed moves and mannerism. His music is timeless. It is not many artist that can say that their music truly never dies. My parent’s grew up listening to it and so did I and I probably will play some throwback joints for my youngsters (When I eventually have some).

I preferred him as a brutha of course, not because of obvious reasons but because I once he started the whole surgery debacle I feel he went overboard. It’s like he couldn’t stop. He was almost unrecognizable from the lil MJ with the juicy jheri curl.  Of course MJ was battling his own demons but I am not his judge! I will pray for he and his family!

 No matter what people may have thought of his social life, his is UNDENIABLY one of the G.O.A.T!!!! My favorite MJ song was “PYT”! What is yours???

May he live on forever through his music!!!

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