“I’m gonna live 4ever”-FAME

Random POST: The other day while I was at my friend’s parent’s house I came across “FAME” in their dvd collection! I was super stoked! I immediately proceed 2 form my plan of JACKING it… (Which I successfull completed). I just couldn’t wait to get home and watch it!

Wilson Family, If you are looking for your FAME dvd; FEAR NOT I have it! LOL

As a kid I used to LOVE, LOVE this movie. I always dreamed of going to a school like this and looked forward to my highschool years being very similar to theirs! (And then BBALL came along & that never really happened) It is still 1 of my top 10 fav movies of all time!

I also remember how much of a crush I used to (kinda still do) have a on LEROY the dancer; with his bad boy attitude and coochie cutter shorts on. He was a real heartthrob! Then I paid more attention with my RENEWED more MATURED mind and realized LEROY was GAY (How U DOIN?) That’s why he danced “OH SO WELL”


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