5 Heartbeats VS. The Temptations

“I got 2 fight every night 2 prove my love…”

“My office hours are from NINE-FIVE”

“Just cuz Ihave 1 maybe 2 drinks dont make me an ALCOHOLIC…”
Monday night I was watching the “Five Heartbeats” [which I must say is an all time classic].  Then on Tuesday night I watched “The Temptations” not on purpose it was just on. I happen to think that the Five Heartbeats is a WAY better movie than the Temptations and so on my twitter [follow me by the way] I posted that and I got some serious backlash from it… “Are U serious! NO WAY” I just know that the “Five Heartbeats has CLASSIC one liners throughout the entire movie”   Who played the dramatic drug abuser better???

Eddie King VS. David Ruffin

I would like some of you guy’s feedback and let me know what you think.

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