Wknd movie review + My new Favorite “WHITE BOY”

Yesterday, I went to go see “Fighting” the movie and I must say that it was PRETTY DARN GOOD! I thought it was going to be a male-cheesy action film and it wasn’t that at all. It kept me intriguied the entire time. Channing Tatum won me over as well [Bye, bye Beckham]. He has since then adopted the new title “My fav White Boy” lol. He is OH SO adorable; with his southern boy accent! I suggest you guys go see it  I rate it a 4.5

The next movie that I saw this weekend was “The Soloist“.  This was an AWESOME movie. It shed a new light on the world of homelessness and mental disorders. It allowed Jamie Foxx to break into a new realm in his career. Even though he did a phenomonal job in “Ray” I think he did an even better job in “The Soloist”. I see this many awards for this film in the near future.  I’m not even going to front it had me crying at some points! [And that’s very hard to do in film]  A definite MUST GO SEE!!! I rate it  a 5

The third movie that I saw was “Next Day Air”. It was at the cheap $3 movies and I was wondering why. Know I know why it was there after only being out for about 2 weeks prior.  I must say that I was highly disappointed with this film. One of my favorite comedic actors Mike Epps was in this and he didn’t really deliver like I had anticapted. Benny Boom’s rap videos have been more entertaing than this film was. The acting was very mediocore and they storyline was  a little too predictable. Back 2 the drawing board for black films. I rate this a 2

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