I didn’t kno MTV still banned videos

This video was sent to me the other day and OMG! The lyrics put with the visuals of the video are very touching and quite disturbing [but in a good way]. I was told that it was banned from MTV; which has me perplexed a bit. I can somewhat see why but the other “BUFFOONERY” that they allow in these hip-hop videos to be aired is not fair. I guess if the 13yr old girl would’ve shook her butt in the camera and acted like she wanted 2 be there it would’ve been #1 on TRL (wait is that still on?) Shows how much I watch TV.

I guess POP society known as MTV & BET aren’t ready to deal with the harsh reality of whats going on in the world today. I’m not bashing either one of these stations but I do think that hip is about more than nice jewels, fancy cars, and how many chicks are hanging from your arm. I support the HIP-HOP heads who’s voice/opinion is overshadowed by the glitz and glamour!!!

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