If I were a BOY

I was recently blog surfing and I ended up on BLOGXILLA and then I stumbled across these questions, What would you do if you had a penis for a day? Who would you do? Where would you go? And it got me to wondering, “WHAT WOULD I DO?” I am often told by my women friends that they think I was supposed to be a male. Not because of any organs or anything like that but mainly, because of my emotion(s) or lack thereof and my obsure thought process. But I am sure that my brain couldn’t even hold a candle to some of the male species!

I think if I ever got this opportunity I would be slightly apprehensive. I probably would be too scared that I will enjoy it TOO much. I just believe that men have it ALOT easier than us women do.

I would first go to the car dealership and buy a new car for the heck of it. So that I could get an awesome deal on it without the salesman trying to hike up the price. Then I would pay a visit to the nearest strip club. This way, I would actually be able to “enjoy” this past-time. (If you see me in a strip club these days its usually not by choice, and Im not enjoying it!) I would then proceed to woo one of the women home with me (that is if Megan Good was not available), so I could see what it is like to have meaningless sex with someone and never call them again! During our sex session I would wait till I am at my PEEK and prepare myself for this montrous/full body experience of a male orgasm and probably jot it down so that I would NEVER forget it! After, I climaxxed I would try and hint to tell the woman politely to “EXIT MY HOUSE, NEVER TRY TO CONTACT ME AND THANKS 4 THE BONE!!!”

Who knows if this is what I would actually do but Hey it makes for a good story! LOL, but I’m sure that as it comes to me I will fill you in on my thoughts from my twisted little female with tid-bits of male hormone brain!!!

  1. Men work hard to get laid most of the time and a Woman can get laid any time she wants! just say-WANNA _uck? If i were a woman i would get laid and be very naughty! Someone new all the time.

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