Q&A with LA’s “OverDoz”

Left to right: Sleezy, Tube, Kent
1.What are some of Overdoz’s musical influences?
Well we listen to all kinds of music..but the most influentual to us as artists are Outkast and Parliment Funkadelic.
2.Who would be your “dream” collabo?
I think we would all agree The Neptunes, Chester French, Dr. Dre, and Hi-Tek! They all fit the genre of music we make [funk/hip-hop]
3.Is there a specific msg/goal that you are trying to get across with your music?
Yes….being yourself! Our songs come from real life situations. we put them out and you all like them. We get fans from songs about us, which is amazing. We want to live forever through our memories put to instrumentals aka songs
4.What is your favorite album of all time?
Late Registration (Kanye West)
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Lauryn Hill)
The Love Below (Andre 3000)
5.When you guys get signed what will be your first big purchases?
A Volkswagon van!!!!
6.There is a song titled creamie says, your blog is named that; Who exactly is “Creamie”?
Creamie is the source of motivation for our songs. He’s our closest friend. He’s the most honest and upfront person we know. He also knows when to keep pushin us or calm us down when we get upset with one another! I mean we are like brothers we live together and spend every minute in the studio , rehearsing for shows, or performing. It’s nice to have a guy like Creamie around to keep our heads on straight.
7.What is the biggest turn-off on a female?
Oooo ugly feet of course!
I hate girls who dont know how to spell..
Uhh…it would probably be the same as Kent, ugly feet are a major turn off..
New single the shaw can be downloaded at this url:
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