Companionship, Passionate, and Geniune LOVE

The past few weeks my pastor has been preaching on a “Happy Marriage” and the things that are required to have one. But yesterday he brought to my attention the that there are actually 3 types of love: companionship, passionate, and genuine which; “us” women often get confused on differentiating between.

Companionship: This is a “I like you” type love. It stimulates all 5 senses. You tend to like this person because of certain attributes that they have. (I like him because he’s always FRESH, he has a nice car and etc…) Most relationships start here but in order for it to last it can’t stay here.

Passionate: This type of love works harder on the emotions. It is more about kissing each others “ego” It is a sensual/physical type of love, it is meant to stimulate our bodies. (Girl I like the way you lick your lips, your body is BANGIN and etc…) If someone just keeps complementing you and your physical attributes, you must wonder “aren’t you interested in my mind and heart?” Always remember [Flesh TAKES and Love GIVES]

Genuine: This is the most important of all 3. This one means “I see a need in you.” It helps others reach their full potential. It does not have any qualifications, only seeks to give. This is where you can reach the deepest level of intimacy (not just sexually).

Hopefully, after reading this you will be better equipped with picking your next mate. Remember the root word of dating is DATA. So collect some data before you pick the CHOSEN ONE!

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