“Project Mayhem” ’09

 I wouldn’t want to be caught with these ladies in a dark alley, but I definetly wouldn’t mind getting caught in one of the Weekend Warriors Tees. The owners of this line are California natives (NOrCal 2 be exact), De$i and Bri. I stumbled across their blog a while ago and since then I have frequented it nearly everyday, and each time I visit their site they make me want more.

The duo are motivated by female expression and have been quoted saying, “We are the everyday girl, nothing more, nothing less. At times women feel constricted as to what they can say or do. We love to express it any way possible designs, music and through our blog. We are the representation of the ladies that don’t take no back chat.” (courtesey of 944.com/blog)

Recently they have put their creative minds to work and created their spring/summer ’09 collection Project Mayhem. I am a full supporter of this brand. They stand for female individuality and liberation, and I believe that they are successfully achieving that; which is often at times a difficult thing to do in the fashion/music industry dominated by the pelithora of men!

Visit their blog here The WKND WARRIORS

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